About Me

I’m a multi-creator who sings, writes songs, produces music, mix and mastering songs with 40.000.000+ streams.

I was born in Italy 1984′ with parents from Kosovo. When I was about a year old, my family relocated to Sweden.
Music was always and will always be close to my heart as a child, and it was something that helped me heal. It continues to do so and I want to help other people around the world do the same thing through my music that I’m involved in.

Every song has a process behind it that most listeners don’t think about or fully comprehend. Every lyric, melody, rhythm, instrument, vocal performance and music production is the result of personal feelings and experiences. Every element in a song must be in perfect sync with one another in order to produce that one big beautiful sound that most people hear the first time they listen to a song. It’s that single big sound of a song that gives us hope, love, pleasure, sorrow, joy, and happiness, possibly all in the same song. When you think about it for a while, isn’t that beautiful?

It’s easy to listen to a song for three minutes, think it’s fantastic, and then move on to the next song on our playlist. We appear to consume music in the same way that we consume fast food in order to move on with our lives. The truth is that a song has much more than 3 minutes behind it. It takes thousands of hours of life experiences, personal stories, music and vocal exercises, recordings, music editing and productions to create that song you might want to wake up to, make love to, cry yourself to sleep to, or dance to with your friends and loved ones on a Friday night. Whatever the reason. Don’t underestimate the power of music or the craft that goes into making it. It’s all for you.

– Albin Loán