Albin Loán is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and music producer from Sweden. He was born in Italy, Latina , but with both parents from Kosovo, Gjakova.

Albin’s mother bought a piano for him when he was 6 years old and this changed everything for him. Playing the piano, writing, singing and creating music has always been the strongest and best memory of his mother.

At the age of 13 Albin started to rap and produce Hip Hop music for himself and other Hip Hop artists in Sweden. The Hip Hop culture started to grow and while he was rapping Albin developed his vocals and became a well known underground singer for various Swedish Hip Hop artists. He has been featured over 100 Swedish rap songs as a chorus singer.

Today he’s an artist, singer, songwriter, vocal & music producer with some audio engineer knowledge and runs Warble Music together with his team from Sweden & Denmark.