Albin Loán is a singer, songwriter, music producer and entrepreneur who was born in Latina, Italy in 1984 to Albanian parents from Kosovo.

Albin grew up with music when his mother already at the age of 3 clearly noticed that Albin loved the center activities in music. He played guitar lightly, drums, piano and sang in front of all the guests who visited his parents.
When Albin was about 10 years old, he sang in a church choir for a few years where he was one of two lead singers in church.

Through a long journey with many losses and sudden changes as a child, he developed his own way of healing his soul by listening to different styles that he synchronized with. Everything from Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Ballad songs, Pop, Hard Core, Film music all the way to Hiphop which became his starting board in his music career.

Hip-Hop with aggressive lyrics about abandonment, misplacement in society and what it is like to live as a minority was something he was very attached to. HipHop music was the first style of music that really got Albin to bring his thoughts and feelings down on paper to rhythmic beats from the 90's he either heard or produced.
His first big idols in Swedish Hip-Hop was artists such as Petter, Ken, Blues and Latin Kings.
He quickly realized that HipHop was wide through the various countries and he listened a lot to 2Pac, DMX, Eminem and Easy-E where he later through Easy-E found his absolute favorites in HipHop, Bone Thugs N 'Harmony. Bone Thugs was the group that really brought out his talent as both rapper and singer.

Albin's surroundings realized that no matter who sang or rapped, he could always follow the notes the greatest singers could sing or the different flows through which the greatest Hip-Hop artists could rap. This developed him into an incredibly broad and flexible singer, songwriter and music producer.

In songs like 'Lost in Your Rhythm' you can clearly hear different odd, but cool rhythms where the rhythm is the driving part together with a 808 bass where Albin performs his top-line through a smooth RnB-style of voice with catchy melodies inspired by HipHop- and the pop culture.

In the song "The Fall Out Of Love" something completely different is heard. You hear melancholic chords and arrangements through acoustic instruments such as piano, cello, violins and strings in combination combined with a heavy 808 which is the ship of his fragile voice where he sings about a destructive relationship he had not so long ago.

Many of his songs are either sad based on feelings of unhappiness, abandonment or loneliness from various forms of relationships and misery he has lived through.
Other songs show a part of him who with his sexual drive instead shows another side that can be perceived as sexist and rebellious where he can clearly explain how he appreciates an intimate and physical relationship.

Other songs are happy that show the side that his core consists of a person who wants to inspire, help and spread the love he thinks everyone really deserves.

- "When you as a child have involuntarily been deprived of everything you loved in an underworld of pain, hate and confusion where eyes look at you as a lost soul without you understanding why. That person will fall so deep into a darkness where you are forced by nature to meet everyone through yourself and yourself through everyone you have ever met growing up. To learn to be a human in a shattered and scared soul in a misplaced system while experiencing more pain and darkness than is allowed to be showned in Hollywood movies - that makes you fucked up, hurt, rootless, lonely and abandoned, but at the same time incredibly strong... if you can find the light needed for you to be whole again. That light I created myself years ago by being honest with myself, reflecting, observing and analyzing how I can learn to love myself, but also how I can learn to love myself even more. When I look at myself, deeply into my eyes, I see nothing else but an example of an outcome that everything is possible.

Music heals the world, so I create music for everyone who needs to be healed."